TORR Dispensing Options


home-kegs The TORR KegThe one-trip TORR Keg is refilled with a wine pouch on site; Eliminates keg return costs; Eliminates keg cleaning costs; The lowest filling, packaging & shipping costs.

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homepage-flexcase The TORR FlexcaseWine in a Flexible Case Lowers the Cost to Dispense Quality Wine by the Glass! At the heart of the TORR wine dispense systems is the Flexcase, designed to transport...

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featured-barrels TORR BarrelsThe high quality oak barrel allows you to dispense wine by the glass for up to a month without the wine being affected by oxygen. The barrel is hand crafted...

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featured-torr-erator KegeratorsTORR Provides Controlled Temperature Refrigerators that are Plumbed for the TORR Keg. TORR can customize standard keg coolers for use with TORR Kegs. This reduces the need for on-site installations....

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Wine List


View the TORR Industries wine list of quality wines to serve from your TORR Keg and Barrel Dispensers.

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