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Welcome our new sales team: Rosie Gage and Carol Parker!
Our sales team has expanded to serve you better! Our new team members include Carol Parker and Rosie Gage. We are delighted to welcome them to the TORR family!

Rosie Gage comes to us with 20 years of sales experience across five industries. She has recently completed a Bachelor’s degree in Strategic Management. She values innovation, positivity, and perseverance. These values drive her to face challenging projects head on while giving her customers the best possible experience. She enjoys the outdoors in Northern California with her husband and three dogs. Reach out via LinkedIn to connect with her.

Carol Parker comes to TORR Industries with 25 years of packaging industry experience. A graduate of California State University, Sacramento in Business Administration, Carol has developed a deep appreciation of food/beverage production and operations on every level. The real action is on the manufacturing floor, as Carol has experienced first-hand in her packaging career and during college one summer working at a Del Monte cannery with 1200 other seasonal workers. The die was cast! Carol is thrilled to join the talented, innovative people that make up TORR and contribute to their continued growth. When not engaged in packaging applications, Carol enjoys working alongside her husband maintaining their one acre “ranch” which includes an orchard, organic garden and eight chickens. 

TORR technology enables Delicato to meet top-selling BOTA BOX's growing demand

TORR Industries’ technologically superior bag filling equipment continues to be the preferred bag filler choice as Delicato Family Wines, producer of power brand Bota Box, expand their production capacity.  Delicato is increasing BIB capacity at its 250,000 sq ft Manteca, CA facility with 15 high output TORR bag fillers installed and three more on order.  

In addition to production line speeds of up to 45 packs per minute from the (3) TORR fillers per line, the patent pending fill head technology plays a critical role in optimizing shelf-life and flavor retention of the company’s premium, award winning 3-liter Bota Box and 1.5-liter Bota Brick labels.  

The talented team at TORR have 15+ years of hands-on experience with bag-in-box applications at major California wineries. TORR’s deep understanding of the operational issues with bag filling machines have allowed the company to develop the most advanced wine bag fillers and a proven system designed to minimize oxygen pickup through the fill process.  

Excessive oxygen pickup is wine’s mortal enemy as it gradually impacts taste and reduces the time frame in which a wine’s optimum flavor profile may be experienced by the consumer. To help minimize the influence of oxygen during the bag filling process, TORR’s fill technology allows vacuum and nitrogen purge of bags resulting in dissolved oxygen (DO) pickup of less than 0.3 ppm through the filling process and oxygen in the headspace of less than 2% that combined, provide very low total package oxygen (TPO).
In addition to wine, other oxygen sensitive products packed in bag-in-box format including olive oil, are benefitting from TORR filling technology.

If you are looking for an engineering and development company capable of providing liquid filling systems for bag-in-box, pouches, drums, bins, and pails, please give us a call.
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About TORR Industries
Founded in 2007, our management team has over 50 years combined experience in filling Bag-in-Box, Stand Up Pouches & Shelf Stable Extended Shelf Life (ESL) Food Products along with Bulk Aseptic Packaging into Drums & Bins. We provide filling, packaging and dispensing solutions for all of your liquid product packaging needs. Our products are designed and manufactured in-house at our 25,000 sq ft facility in Northern California.

  • Manufacture Liquid Fillers for Bag in Box and Stand Up Pouches
  • Models range from entry-level to high output
  • Turnkey filling and boxing lines
  • Explosion proof rated C1D2 fillers
  • Manufacture Bag in Box Dispensing Systems
  • Wine and Cocktail Kegs
  • Cold Brew & Nitro Coffee Dispensers
  • Distribute Aseptic Bag Fillers for Bins, Drums & Food service
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Precision Laser Cutting
  • Welding, Stamping & Spin Forming
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