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TORR updates 110 and 130 Fillers with

3A Sanitary Certification

What is 3A Certification and why is it so valuable?

According to the industry site, 3A Certification ensures your company will be covered by the highest of USDA and FDA gold standards. This means that, when used appropriately, any food that comes in contact with your TORR Filling equipment has the lowest risk possible of becoming contaminated. Equipment with the 3A Symbol is made to easily come apart for hassle-free inspections and thorough cleanings.

It’s not only an investment in the health of your business, it’s also an investment in the health of your customers.

TORR's 110 Semi-Manual

fillers and 130 Semi-Auto fillers are great solutions for producers to easily get their fresh and refrigerated products out to market in both Bag-In-Box, and Stand Up Pouch flexible packaging. 

Excellent for Refrigerated Cold Brew Coffee, Wine, Olive Oil, Alcoholic Beverages, Syrups, Sauces, and Refrigerated Dairy.

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TORR Industries Rolls Out a Suite of Cold Brew Production Equipment


California-based industrial beverage solutions provider Torr Industries (stylized by the brand as TORR) has significantly expanded its reach into coffee with the launch of three new cold brew coffee-making systems.


The Quadbrew trays turn 90 degrees for cleaning and maintenance.

Designed in collaboration with cold brew consultant and adviser Randy Anderson, the new systems — called the Brew50, TwinBrew, and Quadbrew — are built to accommodate small- medium- and large- volume operations, respectively. All three machines brew full batches of cold brew in well under two hours, according to the company. The Twinbrew and Quadbrew do so using a proprietary system involving an array of nozzles gently sending water over a dispersion plate for even saturation of the coffee bed, allowing for the relatively fast and thorough extraction without agitation.

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Get Compact with

Cold Brew...

Designed for tighter production spaces, TORR's vertically oriented Brew50 can brew 15 gallons of

cold-brew concentrate in about 25 minutes. Its small physical footprint is perfect for Kiosks, Micro-Cafes, or anyone wanting to serve delicious cold brew with ease. No plugs, no lines, no hoses.  TORR's proprietary array of nozzles gently sends water over a dispersion plate for even saturation of the coffee bed, allowing for thorough extraction and wonderful flavor.

The resulting cold brew is twice as concentrated as standard immersion brew concentrates.  You get a lot of bang-for-your-buck with the Brew50!

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Get Portable with Nitro...

Add even more value to your coffee business with the revolutionary TORRNADO.

A portable, cost effective nitro beverage system that allows you to easily serve nitro coffee, nitro cold brew, nitro lattes, nitro teas, nitro energy drinks, nitro frozen beverages, and more. 

Make different nitro drinks one-after-another. It doesn't require any taps, kegs, lines, or even power supply. It uses disposable N2 cartridges and can run off the included lithium battery. Nimble and fast, the TORRNADO fits into less than 12 sq. inches.


The TORRNADO's launch at the SCA Coffee Expo in New Orleans was a huge Success! 


Our team served all sorts of nitro-infused beverages to New Orleans Coffee Expo attendees. Including: 

  • Nitro Pumpkin Spice Latte
  • Nitro Lemon Ginger Tea
  • Nitro Cold Brew
  • Nitro Energy Drinks
  • Nitro Cocoa

The response was outstanding with many Cafe owners wanting to take our show model home with them!

Get your TORRNADO nitro-mixology details here


The 2022 Wine & Grape Symposium is on Us -

Sacramento - CA January 26-27

The largest Wine & Grape Symposium in the USA is a very popular event and attendance is limited. There will be plenty of wine tasting and exhibits. As well as networking with growers, vintners, and producers, from around the world.

TORR is gifting a limited number of invitations. Follow us on Linkedin for your opportunity to attend the event on us... @torrindustries LinkedIn 

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