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TORR Specializes in Custom Engineered Liquid Filling Solutions

TORR BIB wine fillers

were featured in the

April issue of the

Wine Business Monthly magazine.


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An Expanding Market for TORR Fillers is Water!

The following is a firsthand success story with one

of our customers packaging water.

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Gladden Water Optimizes

Bag-in-Box Production with

TORR Web Filler 

Four years ago, Gladden Water’s Bob Jesperson and Paul Graves made the bold move to transition away from traditional bottled water to alternative bag-in-box package format. Motivated to make the new venture a success, they consulted with various industry suppliers and ultimately, TORR Industries for bag filling equipment. Once Gladden experienced firsthand TORR’s dedication to customers’ success, they decided TORR was the “perfect fit” to support Gladden’s boxed water product launch. “Tim literally treated us like we were the most valuable client,” Jesperson said, of TORR President Tim Orr. 

Various challenges ensued, including dozens of box design changes to enhance user friendliness along with learning how to fill flexible bags and ship boxed water successfully. Perhaps most challenging of all was explaining the new 5-gallon BIB package to some customers who had difficulty wrapping their head around it. Clever website graphics, a ‘how-to’ video post that went viral, and sales promotions that put product in customers’ hands to play with, all proved effective in making Gladden’s transition to bag-in-box a success. 

Demand has grown beyond Gladden’s home turf of Texas to include additional regions through direct shipment and distribution to both business and residential customers.  

The company’s next hurdle was to lower production costs. The purchase of a new TORRfiller™ 140W automatic, web-fed bag filler allowed Gladden to do so. “The bigger machine is quite a great machine. It has blown our expectations away,” said Jesperson. He added that with the new automated filler, product is even more sanitary because there is no human contact with the bag during filling or loading into the box. “Germophobes love us,” he enthused.   

As Gladden Water enters its fifth year in the boxed water space, new, differentiated products are in development to fuel growth and compete with lower cost rigid pack formats.  

TORR is proud to support Gladden as it continues to scale its business.  


Automatic Bag Filler

Designed with high quality and economy in mind, the TORRfiller™ 140W automatic bag filler incorporates a compact frame and air operated actuators in place

of servos. An operator separates each filled bag by hand from the web and manually loads it into

a box or onto a conveyor. Production rates up to 720 3-liter bags per hour.

Optional fully automatic operation is enabled by adding an automatic bag separator and automatic bag into box loading system.


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Just shipped from our 40,000 square foot facility in Northern California, USA

is a new configuration of the TORR 150. 5 gallon bags are automatically

side loaded into a two piece bliss style box.

The 150 automatic web bag filler has proven performance with over 30 installations in high output, 24/7 operations. The 150 is a spout leading web-feed filler. It has an Allen-Bradley PLC control system,

Festo pneumatic valves and actuators, and TORR proven automatic bag into box loading systems.

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A new market sector for TORR

is brewing systems for cold brew coffee.

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TORR Industries attended the SCA Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston on April 8, 9 and 10, 2022.

Featured in TORR'S booth was The HIVETM BREW cold brewing systems

and the TORRADOTM nitro infused system.

TORR has an in-depth knowledge of the cold brew coffee industry,

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