End to End Turnkey Product
Filling & Packing Solutions

Your success is a phone call away. Navigating the consumable product filling and packing world can be a massive undertaking and has no shortage of pitfalls along the way. TORR provides a highly tuned perspective on the industry and what it takes to compete consistently. We offer fillers of all sizes and capacities integrated with box erecting and packing systems to meet the needs of nearly any product in any market.


ANAB Accredited Certified by SCB, 3A Certified Machines

Come See Us at the Following Events...

Unified Wine & Grape Symposium

Sacramento CA.
January 25 & 26, 2023
Booth #1933

CLFP Food Processing Expo

Sacramento CA.
February 14 & 15, 2023
Booth #923

SCA Specialty Coffee Expo

Portland OR.
April 21-23, 2023
Booth #1800

National Restaurant Association (NRA)

Chicago IL.
May 20-23, 2023
Booth #240

Pack Expo

Las Vegas NV.
September 11-13, 2023
Booth #7860