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TORR Model 125 Automatic Hand Fed Pouch Filler

Fills Pouches with side seal mounted fill gland

edge spout pouch filler

The TORR 125 filler is designed to fill pouches with 8 mm & 28mm fill fitments in side seam from 0.187 to 1 liter capacity. The filler is a single head and fully automatic filler. The filler comes standard as a semi automatic with options to allow it to run fully auto matically. Running as a semi automatic filler the pouches and caps are manually fed into the filler infeed tracks with the filling and capping processes taking place automatically. Adding the optional automatic pouch and cap feeders fully automates the process.

  • Product measurement: 1 inch turbine flow meter is standard, +/- 0.5% accuracy by volume. The meter is constructed of FDA approved food grade acetyl plastic. An optional stainless steel flow meter is available. Optional magnetic or mass flowmeters allow hot filling of particulate products.
  • Contact surfaces: All piping is 316L stainless steel and 3A-approved plastics and flexible lines.
  • Utilities: Power - 100-240VAC 50-60Hz @ 3A. Compressed Air – 6 bar @ 50 l/m. Nitrogen – 6 bar @ 30 l/m.
  • Performance: Up to 15 pouches per minute depending on size. Up to 25 pouches per minute with twin fill heads.

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About the 125

Vacuum and nitrogen purge fill head is standard. This allows pre-purge and post fill Nitrogen purge for low Dissolved oxygen pickup during filling.

Filler Model Comparison

Model Pouch Bag Both Purge Rate
TORR 120 2-3 BPM
TORR 125 2-4 BPM
TORR 130 2-4 BPM

Turbine Flow Meter

Fast accurate fills provide dramatically improved production speeds compared to the 100 filler.

Optional Recapper

Automated recapping device operates in sequence with the fill head to recap pouches after filling is complete.

Optional Pouch Infeed Rack

The pouch infeed rack increases production speed by allowing the operator to stage a large number of pouches on the infeed rack.

125 in Action

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