Wine dispensing keg storage rack systems

SlimRack™ Remote Wine Keg Storage Systems

Remote horizontal keg tray system for under the bar, counter or back room storage.

Our SlimRack product range allows for remote mounting for our TORR Keg systems in the back room, under the bar or beer room storage and delivery. These racks allow for quick access when swapping out wine and other product dispensing kegs. Using these racks saves time, and money. Because our kegs can be loaded horizontally, you never need to move a full keg to change out an empty keg! This system is a huge benefit for any wine on tap program.

  • Custom configurations
  • Easy access
  • Swap kegs fast and safely

Call 1 530-247-6909 for consultation & pricing on full remote systems. Freight shipping may be required

TORR Wine keg delivery system

TORR Keg Tray

504558 14 x 14 x 24" Weight 8 lbs. $435.00
TORR Wine Keg Delivery Systems

TORR Docking Keg

502035 Designed for TORR's horizontal docking tray systems.
Eliminates manual air and wine line connections.
Please Call 1-530-247-6909 for Purchasing & Additional Info