TORR Model 140 Semi-Automatic Bag and Pouch Filler

This Bag-In-Box filler was designed to offer an economical solution for accurate bag filling. The 140 bag filler ships with a turbine flow meter, touch panel, and an Allen Bradley PLC. This allows for very accurate fill weights, ease of use, and an optional ability to interface with other equipment.

The touch panel allows operator to change fill weights at any time from 750 ml to 20 liters. also has built in cycle counter with reset ability.

  • Fills bags or pouches
  • Mounted on rolling stand
  • Manual insertion of bags and pouches
  • Fully-automatic uncap/recap and filling cycles for fast cycle times
  • Automatic package eject
  • Steam or chemical sanitization capable
  • Optional vacuum and nitrogen purge
  • No-drip fill nozzle
  • Intuitive touch-screen interface
  • Convertible fill table allows filling bags and pouches on one machine

The 140 is an automated Bag-In-Box filler with manual bag loading; designed for medium volume production. Incorporating a turbine flow meter, touch panel and PLC, the 140 is easy to use and highly accurate. The 140 Bag-In-Box filler is constructed of stainless steel and engineered plastics for long life and sanitary clean-up. Tooling is available for the majority of caps and bags on the market. Latch locks close during filling and automatically eject the bag or pouch after fill cycle is complete. The air pad closes off the spout from below just prior to re-capping to minimize the amount of air entering the bag. Nitrogen purging and blanketing virtually eliminates O2 contamination of liquids. Each filler is supplied with an adjustable stainless steel fill table and/or support rods to support bags or pouches during filling.

All of our semi-automatic bag fillers are equipped with a stainless steel stand with adjustable feet. Caster wheels are available to allow quick positioning of the equipment. Product inlet is via a standard tri-clover style fitting.

The surge tank allows for more flexible product delivery options and further optimizes the already highly accurate fill weights.

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