TORR 10 Manual Filling Stand


bag in box filler

Bag-in-Box (BIB)

face spout pouch filler

Stand up pouches with face mounted dispense taps

The TORR 10 is designed to aid in filling pouches and bags and is available with three (3) sizes of spout grippers. Measure the diameter of the gripper slot on the bag you intend filing and chose the small medium or large gripper plate. The (3) sizes cover most closures available today on the market. It is a stand with a spout lock to hold the spout during manual filling and capping. A set volume can be measured by using a user supplied graduated container and funnel or by setting the stand and bag onto a scale. The bag is then manually capped after burping excess air from the bag and pushing the cap into the fully locked position after filling.

Large Spout 10 Manual Filling Stand
1.37" spout opening (Scholle Standard Flat Cap)

Standard 10 Manual Filling Stand
1.33" spout opening (Flextap, VTop, TORRKeg)

Small Spout 10 Manual Filling Stand
1.10" spout opening (QCD)

  • Product measurement: Visual and dependent on pour container.
  • Contact surfaces: stainless steel and FDA approved plastic.
  • Capacity: 0.75 to 20-liters.
  • Utilities: No power required.
  • Performance: 1 - 2 bags per minute.
10 Spec Brochure pdf

About the 10

The TORR 10 Filler combines innovative design and a robust build structure for a simple filling experience. Single bags or pouches are placed into the gripper and then locked in place, the cap is removed by hand and then the bag or pouch is ready to be filled. Caps are reinserted by hand then the gripper is opened to allow the filled bag/pouch to be placed into its shipping container

Torr Filler Comparison

Model Pouch Bag Both Purge Rate
TORR 10 1-2 BPM
TORR 15 1-2 BPM
TORR 100 1-2 BPM

Sanitary Food Grade Construction

Stainless Steel and Ultra High Molecular Weight Plastic is used to facilitate quick and easy clean up.

Ultra-High Molecular Weight Plastic

Strength and sanitation were in mind when we developed the TORR 15. It can handle the most force applied to the stand while seating a cap.

Bag and Cap Tooling

(3) Three sizes of gripper tooling available to fit most bags and pouches.

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