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Water Products Filling Systems

Hand Fed Fillers Filling Bag in Box and Stand up Pouches

edge spout pouch filler face spout pouch filler bag in box filler

110 & 110-3A Semi-Manual Bag and Pouch Filler

TORR semi manual filling options

Designed to fill stand up SUP pouches with face mounted fill spouts and bags from 0.75 to 20-liter capacity. Turbine flow meter. Piping is 316L stainless steel and is FDA/3A approved. 110-Volt power is required, as well as compressed air and nitrogen required with vacuum. Performance is 2-4 bags per minute and is dependent on operator agility and size. Learn More

130 & 130-3A Semi-Automatic Bag and Pouch Fillers

TORR semi auto filling options

The TORR 130 & 130-3A offer an economical solution for accurate filling of bags and pouches from 0.75 to 20-liter capacity. Standard features include turbine flowmeter, an air control pad to minimize air entering bag post-fill, AutomationDirect PLC and pneumatics. Learn More

140H Semi-Automatic Bag Filler

TORR semi auto filling options

A robust, semi-automatic bag and pouch filler, the TORRFiller™ 140H offers an economical solution for accurate filling. Designed for medium volume production, the 140H is customizable to suit a wide range of liquid filling needs including explosion proof requirements.
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Web Fillers Filling Bag in Box (BIB)

bag in box filler

140W Automatic Bag Filler

TORR semi auto filling options

Combines proven, robust and dependable mechanical design. Bags fed automatically. FDA approved food grade acetyl plastic turbine flow meter. Magnetic and mass flow meter available option. Operator interface is Allen Bradley PLC and PV touch screen. Operates in auto mode, manual, CIP operation, batch counting and fill volume adjustment. Learn More

145B High Production Automatic Web Fed Bag Filler

TORR semi automatic wine filling options

Combines proven, robust, and dependable mechanical design. With high quality controls and pneumatics to provide 24/7 BIB automation solution. FDA sanitary compliant. Production is based on bag size. Utility needed 220 VAC single phase 50-60Hz @ 30amps, air is 7 CFM @ 90 PSI. Learn More

150 High Production Fully Automatic Bag and Pouch Filler

TORR automatic bag in box filling options

Fully automatic BIB filler designed for high volume, 24/7 production. Fills 1.5 to 20-liter bags. An optional fully enclosed fill head is pressurized with nitrogen and virtually eliminates O2 contamination of liquids. Pressurized product balance tank for accurate fills optional. Powered conveyer moves boxes automatically to bag into box loader optional. Optional C1D2 Explosion Proof rating. Learn More

Dunsmuir, CA

We interviewed a couple of other manufacturers and selected TORR Industries for their reputation in the industry for reliability of their machines and after-sale support. We had an important product to get to market quickly and they made and kept promises on short delivery dates. They have exceeded our expectations and lived up to feedback we had from other customers. We will be staying with TORR Industries as our key provider.

David Marshall | Castle Rock Water, Co., Director, Production and New Products

Water Product Filling Machines
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