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Introducing TORR SlimTap Coffee Dispensing

Featuring the TORR Keg and Docking Tray System. The tried and true, quick swap Bag-In-Keg platform that allows you to fill your own bags/kegs and deliver the product conveniently and easily.

Learn about our new HiveBrew™ cold brewing platforms for Coffee and Teas

Our delivery consistently produces the right pour everytime.

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The Keg System

  • 9 Liter Stainless Steel Keg with an inner inflatable rubber bladder is the heart of the TORR keg system. Keg stays at the store. No returns.
  • 9 liter bag of coffee concentrate goes into the keg. Inner bladder squeezes the coffee out of the bag and up to the dispense tap. No air or gas contacts the coffee.
  • Corrugated Case is used to ship the refill bag. The bag and corrugated box is called a Flexcase® and provides the lowest packaging costs compared to other kegs. Its also recyclable.
  • TORR supply a low pressure Air Compressor or a gas bottle to inflate the keg bladder.

"Because there is no contamination from gases, TORR's Keg Systems consistently provide better tasting coffee products on tap than stainless steel keg options."

TORR Keg Advantage

  • Simple installation
  • Modular dispensers from 2 to 12 taps
  • Projects a quality image to your patrons
  • TORR Kegs provide 100% bag evacuation. No coffee wastage
  • Kegs stay on site
  • No air or gas contamination
  • Compact units
  • Flexcase® ~ Lowest packaging costs compared to other kegs
  • Disposables are recyclable
SlimTap wine taps
The TORR Industries Nitro coffee dispensing system

Keg System Comparison

Features TORR Returnable Steel
Significant Savings on Product
Eliminate Keg Deposits
Eliminate Keg Related Shipping and Handling Costs
Eliminate Return and Cleaning Costs
Efficient Use of Space (Small Footprint)
Eliminate the Need For Compressed Gases
Easy Disposal N/A
Bar Staff Friendly
Reduced Line Cleaning Time/Costs
No Product/Gas Contamination
Supply & Support Rental Plan
Dramatically Reduce Installation Costs