Filling & Packing Systems
for Coffee Products Bag in Box / Stand-up Pouch

  • 1.5 to 20 liters
  • RTD & Concentrates
  • Refrigerated & Shelf Stable Distribution

TORR Provides Filling & Packing Solutions for Refrigerated and Shelf Stable Distribution of Liquid Coffee Products

Coffee product filling and packaging

Cold brew coffee products can be packaged in Bag in Box for distribution in two ways.

  • Refrigerated or Shelf stable.
  • TORR offer both filling solutions.
  • Refrigerated distribution is lower capital and packaging costs but higher distribution costs.
  • Self stable requires low acid aseptic packaging and a higher cost sterilizer system before packaging.

Fillers for Refrigerated products can be easily tooled to run various dispense taps, connectors and bag sizes.

Aseptic cap type fillers for shelf stable bags are difficult and time consuming to change between dispenser & tap types.

  • TORR shelf stable fillers solve this issue by using a separate fill and dispense fitments on the bags. 10-minute changeout for bag size and ANY tap, cap or connectors. Pack formats for retail and dispense machine refills in sizes from 0.5-gallon to 3 gallon.

Coffee Fillers for Refrigerated Distribution

The TORR 110 is a single head, manual filler designed to fill stand up pouches (SUP) with face mounted fill spouts and bags from 0.75 to 20-liter capacity. The operator loads each bag into the spout gripper and the cap is removed manually by cap gripper, after the bag is filled the cap is placed using operating lever. Customer supplies product under pressure to the filler.

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Coffee product filling machines

The The TORR 130 semi-automatic Bag-In-Box filler offers an economical solution for accurate filling of bags and stand up pouches with face mounted fitments. Standard features include a turbine flow meter, touch panel, and PLC enabling accurate fill weights, ease of use, and optional ability to interface with other equipment.

The operator manually feeds the bag to the filler and using a lever, uncaps the bag and positions the fill valve into the bag gland. A push button starts the fill cycle...

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Coffee product filling machines

The 140H is an automated Bag-In-Box filler with manual infeed of individual bags and is designed for medium volume production. The 140 offers an economical solution for accurate bag filling. The 140H bag filler ships with a turbine flow meter and an Allen Bradley PLC and panel view. This ensures accurate fill weights and ease of use.

Tooling is available for the majority of caps and bags on the market. Bag gripper latch locks close during filling and automatically eject the bag or pouch after...

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Coffee filling & packaging solutions

The TORR 140W Filler combines proven, robust and dependable mechanical design with precision automation. The bags are fed into the filler automatically from a web or perforated ribbon of bags. The empty bag is indexed automatically into the fill chamber. The bags are filled automatically while still on the web. The machine automatically indexes the filled bag out to the operator. The operator separates the full bag from the web after it is filled and places it into the shipping box.

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Coffee product packaging machines

TORR Fillers combine proven, robust, dependable mechanical design with high quality controls and pneumatics to provide a reliable 24/7 bag in box automation solution. The filler meets US FDA sanitary requirements and is constructed to 3A sanitary standards. 3A listing is available if required as an option.

The 145 Bag Filler is fed with a web or perforated ribbon of bags with the cap trailing. The bags are filled automatically while still on the web. The empty bag...

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Retail coffee products filling & packaging systems

The TORR 150 is a fully automatic Bag-In-Box filler designed for high volume 24/7 production. It takes bags in web format and feeds them spout leading to the fill head. The bags are separated from the web before filling. The filler can be integrated with TORR automatic bag into box loading systems for packs from 1.5 to 20-liter capacity.

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Retail coffee filling & packaging system

Shelf Stable Distribution Solution

TORR Shelf Stable Distribution Solutions

Aseptic Filling & Packing Systems

SteriGLAND™ Shelf Stable Aseptic filling systems can fill ALL liquid coffee packaging formats on the same filler.

Refill packs for all the major cold brew coffee dispensers. 0.5, 1.0 and 2.5-Gallon sizes.
Retail RTD dispense packs. 2-to-4-liter sizes.

Automatic Web Filling Machines

SteriGLAND™ A7 Auto Web Filler

For high output lines. Automatic twin head web filler with auto box loader and integrated boxing line.

Manual Product Filling Machines

SteriGLAND™ A3 Manual Filler

For manual startup installs.

Automatic Bulk Product Filling Machines

SteriGLAND™ A5 Bulk Filler

For drums and bins of concentrates.

TORR's SteriGLAND™ aseptic machines use bags from multiple manufacturers

Run the following bag formats on ONE aseptic filler with only a 5-minute format changeout.

SteriGLAND™ fill fitment (same on all bags)
coffee product bag filling process
Location of dispense fitment (Various)
  • 0.5-gallon concentrate pouch. Tear to open.
  • 0.5, 1.0 and 2.5-gallon refill bags w/tube/ball valve/screw connectors.
  • 1.0-gallon cold brew retail RTD with dispense taps.
  • 2.5-gallon TORR keg refill bags.
retail dispensing bag fitment
Tube Dispense
retail dispensing bag fitment
Scholle Screw Dispense
retail dispensing bag fitment
Retail Dispense
retail dispensing bag fitment
TORR Keg Connector
retail dispensing bag fitment
Ball valve Dispense

Double Membrane Fill Fitment A unique part of the SteriGLAND™ Filling System

sterigland aseptic product filling Sealed Fill Fitment System Friction Fit Cap Systems

Fill Gland Sterilized at 145C Before Each Cycle

Fill Gland Heat Sealed Each Cycle

Closed Product Transfer

Easily Inspect Product Through Sealed Gland

Use of Chemical Sterilants

TORR offers Integrated Packaging Lines

We Specialize in the integration of bag fillers, automatic bag-into-box loading, box erecting, closing and palletizing. Providing you with solutions for the entire process from start to finish. Learn More Here

Integrated packing lines for product filling and packaging