SlimTap wine taps

SlimTap® Keg Dispensers

Compact and Self Contained Wine on Tap

We offer versatile, modular units capable of meeting the unique and custom wine dispensing needs for any restaurant environment.

TORR offers solutions designed specifically to take your blended wine from "tank to bar" seamlessly. With more than 1200 taps installed in North America TORR's Kegs System, Flexcase® and SlimTap® Dispensers are proven with over 5 years in public opperation.

The TORR Signature Product Line

Self contained, 2 to 12 tap dispenser modules.

So what is a SlimTap wine by the glass dispenser? It is a self contained, easy to set up wine dispenser. It can also be used for mixed drinks on tap, kombucha on tap, Cold brewed coffee on tap, and many other unique products!

Tap wine is a fast growing industry that helps grow your "by the glass" profits. Our TORR wine keg technology insures perfect wine quality every time.

We have a taste tested system, proven time and again that will not introduce gasses into the wine product. No more “opened bottle” dilemma causing contamination, degradation or any loss of taste whatsoever!

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Under bar or back room horizontal keg storage.

Our SlimRack product range allows for remote mounting for our TORR Keg systems in the back room, under the bar or beer room. These racks allow for quick access for swapping out wine and other product dispensing kegs. Using these racks saves time, and money. Because our kegs can be loaded horizontally, you never need to move a full keg to change out an empty keg! This system is a huge benefit for any wine on tap program.

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SlimRack wine delivery systems for your bar and restaurant

Compact glycol coolers for at the tap cooling.

Our team of engineers has developed a first class wine temperature technology! We offer true temperature control! Our SlimChill units are a specialized glycol powered system that monitors the temperature of the wine with a temperature probe right at the tap! When wine is poured, we immediately adjust the wine temp through a proprietary flash chilling chamber. This new technology insures a perfectly poured glass, or carafe every time.

These units are definitely not your typical “Wine Kegerator” they are elegant and simple to use, easily serviced, and perfectly temperature controlled!

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Tap towers with flash cooling.

Wine on tap towers were a bit of a challenge early on in our development years. It was dificult to find wine tap towers that could live up to our standards so we set out to design the perfect solution for everyday "wine on tap". A bit like a jockey box, but with style and consistancy the old ice chest can't provide! All 304 stainless steel, perfect polished finish, and available from one tap, to four tap units. Simply fill with a small bag of ice, and enjoy chilled wine on tap for several hours! Draining, cleaning and refilling is a snap. **Our slim tap can be fitted with our “jockey Tower” technology so no refrigeration is needed. This makes these units great for catering parties & events that require wine on tap! We have self contained mobile systems for wine and mixed drinks for locations with no electricity!

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Bar top dispensing unit with 1 or 2 cooled taps

The SlimCool™ unit is designed to sit on a bartop surface for portability. Great for impermanent situations like catered events or on site product delivery.

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SlimCool cooled bar top wine dispensing systems

Trouble free, low cost, low pressure air supply

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Front Cooling

Many wine refrigerators, and kegerators are not front cooled. This poses a huge problem for restaurants with space considerations. Our products are designed for optimum space savings. We have carefully designed our units for front forward ventilation. This means you can build our products right in to your existing cabinets, and bar fronts, with no worry of overheating. Whether you are building an outdoor wine bar, island bar, or adapting your tasting room for a wine on tap offering, you can be assured that your draft system will perform every day.

In addition to the front cooling, our units are designed to be on-site serviceable! Any time your units need any kind of service, you can remove and replace the refrigeration unit with just a screwdriver, and a quick 1 minute you-tube tutorial! No need to call in the experts ($$$). We will UPS the replacement parts direct to you restaurant, and even the new hires can handle switching out components, and get you pouring again with zero hassle!

Why the SlimTap name?

The TORR Industries Development Team quickly learned how important saving space is for wine on tap in the restaurant & bar industry. We set out to do three things for our customers - save time, save money, and save space! So we designed wine on draft systems, that are slim in size. Yes they are physically smaller, but also much less expensive for shipping wine, or mixed drinks on tap!

Slim on space | Slim on time | Slim on your pocketbook - SlimTap!

TORRKeg Installation Options

  • One Tap Gas Conversion in 5 minutes

    SlimTap wine delivery systems for your bar

    Allows existing Stainless Steel Kegs (Free Flow style) or one trip plastic kegs (Key Keg) installations to be converted to use TORR kegs in 5 minutes. Uses existing wine line and gas supply.

    • Disconnect the female “Beer Nuts” on the wine line and gas line that attach to the Sankey type keg connector.
    • Attach the Male threaded blue gas line that has the TORR keg gas connector.
    • Attach the Male threaded white wine line that has the TORR black screw connector.
    • Remember to use the rubber washer seals and tighten the nuts.
    • Keep the Sankey type connector so you have the option to switch back and forth between keg systems.

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  • Two Tap Electric Cooled tower with TORR kegs & air supply

    Kegs located up to 10ft from dispense tap. Under a bar or in store room and do not require a cooler.

    • Deliver 2 separate wine supplies.
    • 2 9liter TORRkegs.
    • Electric cooled.
    • Powered by 110v compressed air.

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    SlimTap wine delivery systems for your bar
  • Two Tap Ice Cooled SlimTower™ with TORR kegs & air supply

    Kegs located up to 10ft from dispense tap. Under a bar or in store room and do not require a cooler.

    SlimTap wine delivery systems for your bar

    1 to 4 Tap/Keg System (2 taps shown)

    Bar top tap tower wine dispensers

    • 1-4 tap non-chilled tower
    • Up to 4 9liter TORRkegs.
    • Powered by 110v compressed air.

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  • SlimTap® Ice Chilled Dispensers

    Mobile wine dispenser

    • 1-2 tap ice chilled tower
    • 2 9liter TORRkegs.
    • Self contained air supply and/or Gas options.
    • Rolling unit.
    SlimTap wine delivery systems for your bar
  • SlimTap® Glycol Chilled Dispensers

    SlimTap wine delivery systems for your bar

    No installation - Rolling unit, Plug in and pour. Patent Pending heat exchanger chills wine “at the tap”

    • 3 and 6 tap Self contained SlimTap® units wheel in, plug in and pour.
    • The SlimTower is cooled by the TORR SlimChiller temperature controlled glycol system.
    • Every glass is poured at the right temperature. Red and white taps are on the same tower. Pour temperature can be set for reds and whites.
    • Typically one tap can pour Five (5) - 5 oz. glasses with maximum 4 degree F rise in temperature. (Dependent on Glycol temperature and flow)
    • The flash chilled tower eliminates the need to cool the kegs in a separate refrigerator and run cooled wine lines in a python to the tower.