TORR Beverage Delivery Systems

SlimTap Wine & Beverage Dispensing Tap Systems

SlimTap® 1, 2, 6 and 12 Keg Dispensers

Compact and Self-Contained Wine, Cocktails & Coffee Tap Coolers

TORR offers versatile, modular tap dispensers capable of meeting your custom beverage dispensing needs for any bar or restaurant environment.

TORR offers solutions designed specifically to take your product from "keg to tap" seamlessly. With more than 1500 taps installed in North America TORR's kegs system and SlimTap® dispensers are proven with over 9 years in public operation.

The TORR SlimTap® Product Lines

Self-contained, 1, 2, 6 and 12 tap dispenser modules.

"On Tap" solutions are fast becoming the industry standard for growing your profits in consumer beverage delivery. The TORR keg technology ensures perfect pour quality every time for products such as wine, beer, cocktails, coffee and more.

We have a taste tested system, proven time and again to protect your wine products and beverages from intrusive gasses. No more “opened bottle” dilemma causing oxygen contamination, degradation, or any loss of taste whatsoever!

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Under bar or back room horizontal keg storage.

Our SlimRack™ product range allows for remote mounting for our TORR Keg systems in the back room, under the bar or beer room. These racks allow for quick access for swapping out wine and other product dispensing kegs. Using these racks saves time, and money. Because our kegs can be loaded horizontally, you never need to move a full keg to change out an empty keg! This system is a huge benefit for any wine on tap program.

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SlimRack wine delivery systems for your bar and restaurant


Trouble free, low cost, low pressure air supply

#504487 ~ $275.00

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Air compressor wine delivery system Air Supply Units

Why the SlimTap® name?

The TORR Industries Development Team quickly learned how important saving space is for wine on tap in the restaurant & bar industry. We set out to do three things for our customers - save time, save money, and save space! So, we designed our keg draft systems, that are slim in size. Yes, they are physically smaller, but also less expensive for shipping wine, mixed drinks or coffee on tap!

Slim on space | Slim on time | Slim on your pocketbook - SlimTap®!

Custom TORR Keg Installation Options

  • One Tap Gas Conversion in 5 minutes

    SlimTap wine delivery systems for your bar

    Also available for existing stainless-steel kegs (free flow style) or one trip plastic kegs (key keg).

    • Disconnect the female “Beer Nuts” on the wine line and gas line that attach to the Sankey type keg connector.
    • Attach the male threaded blue gas line that has the TORR keg gas connector.
    • Attach the male threaded white wine line that has the TORR black screw connector.
    • Remember to use the rubber washer seals and tighten the nuts.
    • Keep the Sankey type connector so you have the option to switch back and forth between keg systems.

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  • Two Tap Electric Cooled tower with TORR kegs & air supply

    Kegs located up to 10ft from dispense tap. Under a bar or in store room and do not require a cooler.

    • Deliver 2 separate wine supplies.
    • 2 9liter TORRkegs.
    • Electric cooled.
    • Powered by 110v compressed air.

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    SlimTap wine delivery systems for your bar