TORR Model 100 Laboratory Style Filling System

The TORR 100 filler is designed to fill pouches and bags from 0.75 to 20 liter capacity. It is a single head, manual filler. The operator loads each bag into the spout gripper and manually removes the tap.

A preset volume is measured into the fill tank by visually observing the volume on the sight gauge. The sight gauge has adjustable presets. The fill spout is manually moved into the bag spout. The preset volume is transferred to the bag. The bag is manually capped with a “full lock” recap lever assist.

Nitrogen purge and vacuuming are available as options.

  • Product measurement: Visual sight gauge. +/- 0.5 % accuracy by volume.
  • Contact surfaces: All piping is 316L Stainless Steel and FDA/3A approved plastics and flexible lines.
  • Utilities: No power. Compressed air and nitrogen required with vacuum, nitrogen purge option.
  • Performance: Bags per minute is dependent on operator agility and size. Typically 0.5 to 1 BPM.

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