Cold Coffee Brewing Solutions

In Store Brewing

cafe retail countertop cold brew coffee brewing kits
cafe retail countertop cold brew coffee brewing kit
small scale cold brew coffee brewing systems

Commercial Brewing

medium scale cold coffee brewing systems
medium scale cold coffee brewing systems
large scale cold coffee brewing systems
40%Higher Yields than Immersion Brewing
30Minute Brew Times

high volume cold brew coffee brewing solutions

What's New at TORR
Introducing the acquisition of Brew Bomb

Brew Bomb Coffee Cold Brew System

TORR and Brew Bomb are merging. Brew Bomb has been the go-to Cold Extraction solution for the Specialty Coffee Segment since 2017. They have similar patented technologies to TORR for brewing espresso level concentrates and have developed a leading edge IOT platform that scales shop level Cold Brewing with connected technology. Their capabilities are synergistic with TORR’s brewing engineering and manufacturing strengths.

Brew Bomb’s IOT technology platform and precision brewing process will be combined with HIVEBREW's controlled water flow and speed of brews to exceed the needs of the coffee cold drinks market in yield and taste.

TORR is also an industry leader in bag in box filling and packaging lines for both refrigerated, and aseptic shelf stable ERC coffee concentrates and RTD.

The HIVEBREW™ Cold Brewing explained! The Next Step in the Evolution of Commercial Cold Brew Coffee Brewers

There are two typical methods for extracting coffee in cold water. Traditional immersion and the Kyoto Drip. Immersion brewing is a passive process whereby coffee grounds are steeped in cold water over 12-24 hours. This method provides little in the way of control of the brew and the long duration brew time, with no refrigeration, is a potential food safety issue.

In contrast HIVE BREW™ brewing uses a modified controlled drip method that is an active process whereby cold water is passed through the grind bed at a controlled rate. This active brewing process we call ACE, Accelerated Cold Extraction. It controls and optimizes the extraction process and brews are typically done in under 30 minutes.

The other feature of HIVE BREW™ brewing is that the brew is typically 7.5 TDS concentrate (5 x RTD). We call it Espresso Replacement Concentrate or ERC. This concentrate can replace the espresso shot in Cold Mixed Coffee Beverages. HIVE BREW™ brewing delivers equal cup quality with more consistency, and significantly improved speed of service.

HIVE BREW™ brewing uses a brew cell to optimize taste quality, extraction yields and brew time. The 6 pound cells fit together and can be combined to suit your production needs.

The unique feature of the HIVE BREW™ cell is that the quality and extraction performance of one brew cell can be replicated consistently. Simply adding additional cells provides identical quality and extraction as you increase your production output.

HIVE BREW™ is the best cold brew system on the market because it is high-yield, high quality and fast at under 30 minutes per brew.

HIVE BREW™ systems produce 30 to 50,000 gallons of RTD per 8-hour shift (+/– 10%).

Retail coffee cafe cold coffee brewing kit

HiveBrew cold coffee brewing for todays modern coffee cafe

The HIVE BREW™ Café 3 & 6
In Store - Countertop Cold Brewing

The HIVE BREW™ Café is designed for coffee shops and small chains. The fast gravity cold drip brewing process provides high TDS, expresso strength concentrated coffee that is perfect for iced drinks and affogatos. It can then be cut for RTD cold brews or for hot coffee.

The Café 3 uses 1.5 gallons of water and 3 pounds of coffee make 0.9 gallons of typical 7.5 TDS concentrate. The concentrate can be cut with water to 6 gallons of 2 brix ready to drink cold brew. $ 949.00 plus shipping.

The Café 6 uses three gallons of water and 6 pounds of coffee to produce 1.8 gallons of concentrate. $1,850.00 plus shipping.

The Café Brewers are gravity brewers that require no electric or compressed air connections. They are stainless steel and food grade plastic construction and produce concentrate at espresso level strength suitable for ready to drink cold brew and a base for most of your coffee base drinks.

Brew times are super-fast at 15 to 20 minutes. The fast brew time retains the unique flavors of your blends. After a quick rinse you can be back into the next brew in a maximum of 10 minutes.

The HIVE BREW™ Café uses the same extraction method as our larger multi cell production brewers.

HIVE BREW™ Café Spec Brochure pdfs

The HIVE BREW™ is an Innovative Cold Brewing System

The unique feature of the hive cell is that the quality and extraction performance of one brew cell can be replicated consistently. Simply adding additional cells provides identical quality and extraction as you increase your production output.

Pre-infusion of the coffee grounds with a precise amount of water and setting the rate of cold-water flow through the dispersion plate to the coffee bed is critical to optimizing brew output. Our in-house coffee experts can advise the optimum extraction parameters for your coffee.

HIVE BREW™ systems produce 100 to 5,000 gallons of RTD per 8-hour shift (+/– 20%).

Hive Brew Coffee Brewing Expandable Cell
Semi-Automatic Hive Cold Brew Coffee System
TORR HiveBrew Cold Brew Coffee Video

The HIVE BREW™ 200 In store / Commercial Coffee Brewer

The HIVE™ 200 is an automatic single cell, production system for cold brewing coffee concentrate. It cold brews a 6-pound batch in 25 to 35 minutes. It has an automatic water supply system and an extra brew cell to allow continuous brewing.

The brew is close to “espresso” strength concentrate at an average of 7.5 TDS. Higher concentrations can be tapped off early in the brew. The 2 gallons of concentrate can be cut with water to provide 10 gallons of RTD coffee at 1.5 TDS. The automatic 200 brew system requires 110v single phase power and a 60 psi water supply. Typical output is 30 gallons of concentrate per shift.

HIVE BREW™ 200 Spec Brochures pdf

HIVE BREW™ 400 Mid-range Commercial Cold Coffee Brewer

The HIVE™ 400 is a mid-sized production brewer and has four (4) 6-pound cells mounted on the one stainless steel frame. There are four (4) separate 2.5-gallon tanks that are automatically filled by water under pressure that are mounted above the brew cells. The water level in the dispersion plate on top of each cell is automatically controlled with an electronic level sensor that controls the water flow rate through the ground coffee bed. Four (4) concentrate collection tanks are mounted under the cells.

Typical production is 8 gallons of concentrate at 7.5 TDS per brew. Brew time is 25 to 35 minutes. The concentrate can be cut with water to produce 640 gallons of 1.5 TDS Ready-To-Drink in a shift.

The HIVE BREW™ 400 Spec Brochure pdf
Hive Brew Coffee Brewing Cold Brew systems
Expandable Cold Brew Coffee Systems

700 x 4 In-line configuration shown.

The HIVE BREW™ 700 High Output Commercial Brewer

The HIVE™ 700 replaces the heavy 50-pound cells on the earlier Quad Brew system with seven (7) 6-pound HIVE™ cells. This reduced labor and brew times.

The HIVE™ 700 contains 7 cells and for higher production requirements we add 3 additional modules for a total of 28 cells that produce up to 4,500 gallons of RTD with two people per 8-hour shift. Pre infusion is automatic with the Auto Fusion. Dump and cleanup of the equipment requires extra labor.

Sequential Commercial Cell Brewing is coming!

A 25-pound brew cell is under trial that can be configured in an automatic production line with up to 90 cells. Continuous, sequential brewing is fully automated with output of up to 50,000 gallons of RTD per shift.

HIVE BREW™ 700 Spec Brochure pdf


Pre-Infusion before the brew

Pre-infusion of the coffee grounds with a precise amount of water and setting the rate of cold-water flow through the coffee bed in the cell is critical to optimizing HIVE™ brew output.

Our in-house coffee experts can advise the optimum extraction parameters for your coffee.


The AUTO FUSION™ is a fully automated system to pre-infuse the ground beans with water and accurately measure and load the brew cells prior to them being placed into the HIVE™ brewer.

Ground beans are transferred to the infeed hopper on the AUTO FUSION™. A powered conveyor under the hopper transfer the grounds up to an infeed chute that loads a paddle mixer. Water sprays are mounted over the mixer and infuse a precise amount of water with the ground beans.

The mixer has a trap door bottom to dump the beans into the cell that is automatically indexed under the loading chute.

Output is up to 60 - 6-pound cells per hour.


A simple manual 6-pound infuser is under development for instore use to eliminate labor.

AUTO FUSION™ Spec Brochure pdf
HiveBrew coffee fusion system for pre infusing the coffee grounds with water to prepare for brew process
Hive Brew Coffee Brewing Cold Brew Coffee Infusion System

Dale Schotte at Park Avenue Coffee

“One of the biggest challenges of serving cold brew was the length of time it takes to prepare a batch. With the HIVE BREW™ system, the extraction time is reduced to 30 minutes, and you can prepare higher-quality and more consistent cold brew. We have found that Cold Brew has quickly become a staple in the specialty coffee market, and demand continues to increase every year. The HIVE BREW™ produces high-quality, more consistent cold brew while also using less coffee to prepare the same amount of ready-to-drink cold brew,”

~ Dale Schotte, founded of Park Avenue Coffee, operating several coffee shops and a roasting facility in Missouri, USA. Using TORR's HIVE BREW™ 700, seven cell brewer for over a year.

Park Avenue Coffee Testimonial
Never use espresso again

Forget Espresso Shots - Use Cold Concentrate!

  • Produce up to 180 shots of espresso level concentrate per brew.
  • The cumbersome & expensive process of hot brewing espresso for your cold drink base does not make sense.
  • Improve speed of service with simple brew, store and dispense system that creates 5 to 8 TDS concentrates with extraordinary flavors and essences that are easily dosed as a coffee drink base.

Coffee Mixology Simplified - Use ERC

  • Coffee is not just coffee anymore it’s the base for high value drinks.
  • Cold Brewed Espresso Replacement Concentrates (ERC) is the low-cost way to produce high quality flavorful coffee drink base.
  • Stop using hot espresso brewing for your cold drinks.
  • Embrace the ease of preparing delicious cold brew beverages that are easy to use.
  • No more grinding, tamping, and cleaning up messy coffee grounds.

TORR also offers...

Shelf Stable Bag in Box Filling & Portion Control Dispensing
40%Higher Yields than Immersion Brewing
30Minute Brew Times
The HIVE BREW™ Advantages

What sets our Cold Brewing Coffee Systems apart?

Up to 40% Increase in Yield Per Pound

This is achieved by using a patent-pending process that provides 16 to 22% extraction %. This compares to 10 to 15% extraction % of dissolved solids for typical bucket type immersion brewing.

Fast Brew Times of 25 to 45 Minutes

Our unique hexagonal brew cells allow 2.5 gallons of water to flow through 6 pounds of grounds that have been pre-infused with 0.5 gallons of water. The patent pending dispersion plate at the top of the cell controls the water flow evenly over the grounds and yields an average of 1-2 gallons of concentrate at 7.5 TDS. Brew time and yields are dependent on your dilution ratio, origin, roast profile, and grind.

Superior Flavor & Longer Shelf-Life

The fast brew time and the controlled water flow through the grounds allows you to capture the prime attributes of your single origins and blends. This provides a superior taste. Being able to brew quickly also provides an extended shelf-life compared to slower brewing methods.

The Brewing Process Provides High TDS Concentrate at the Beginning of the Brew

17 to 25 TDS can be extracted at the start of the brew. Up to 1 quart of ristretto espresso strength concentrate that is perfect for iced drinks or affogatos.

The Concentrate is Clear with Low Turbidity

Due to the fact, our system has no agitation of the grounds during the brew there is no need for secondary filtration. Our patent-pending, reusable, stainless-steel filter allows for ease of use and filters out the grounds. This eliminates costly throwaway filters.

Brew Cells are Easy to Handle and Clean

A loaded cell weighs less than 20 pounds so it’s easy for a Barista to handle. Cells can be rinsed between brews and sanitized daily. TORR offers automated CIP and cleaning on the 700 Brewers to minimize labor.

The HIVE BREW™ System is Easily Expandable

The HIVE BREW™ Café 3 & 6 are manual single (1) brew cell unit and requires no power or air supply. Easy to set up and uses gravity to control the water flow over the grounds. One operator can produce up to 140 gallons of RTD in a shift. This is dependent on your dilution of the concentrate. Perfect for coffee shops or small-scale production. The 700 uses the same brew cells as the 200 and is an automatic seven (7) cell module that can be expanded. It’s a semi-automated production brewer. The 7 cells produce up to 1,100 gallons of RTD per shift depending on dilution.

It’s All About the Taste and Brew Quality

If you are interested in our system TORR offers to brew your beans in our pilot plant in Redding, CA. We will record the grind, yield, and brew times with your coffee beans. You send us your coffee beans, and we will send back your cold brew to cup. The only charge is for the return freight and packing.

It’s Easy to Purchase a System, We offer financing options Here.