SlimTap® Self Contained Wine Dispensers

The SlimTap® wine by the glass dispenser is a self contained, easy to set up drink dispenser that can also be used for mixed drinks, kombucha, cold brewed coffee and many other unique products. Unlike other systems the SlimTap™ employes an air pressurized keg system that allows for consistent product delivery with zero contamination often caused by gas contact with the product

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SlimTap® Product Range
TORR Bar tap wine dispenser units

SlimTap® 15-1

522183 1 tap built-in refrigerated cooling tower. $2,295.00
TORR Bar & Restaurant beverage dispenser units

SlimTap® 17-2

522184 2 taps built-in refrigerated cooled tower.
Air supply not included.
TORR 6 tap wine dispenser

SlimTap® 60-6

522185 6 taps cooled with built-in refrigeration.
Air supply not included.
TORR 12 tap wine dispenser

SlimTap® 60-12

522186 12 taps dual temp, cooled with built in refrigeration.
Air supply not included.
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