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TORR provides “Cask Certified” accreditation to wineries.

To receive accreditation, it is necessary to:

  • Use approved TORR packaging.
  • Follow set procedures for filling.
  • Follow set procedures for palletizing & shipping.

TORR procedures cover the complete process from the winery blend tank to customer's glass. Wines will keep for more than 12 months in the TORR bag format.

Once the wine arrives at the bar it is critical to control the wine dispense temperature. To achieve this TORR has approved dispensing systems to maintain quality into the glass.

9 liter wine fill bags

TORR Keg 9 Liter Refill Bag

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FlexCase® 9 Liter Box

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9 liter wine boxes

FlexCase® 18 Liter Shipping Case

bag vs bottle wine article

Keg Versus Bottle Duking It Out at Earls

Earls Restaurants, who staged the tasting, has studied which wine on tap system to go with for some time. They’ve settled on the Torr System, a keg process which contrasts the popular Fresh Tap system. The latter employs reusable tanks which must be shipped back to the winery. Plus, Fresh Tap kegs the wine locally, meaning it’s handled twice. The TORR System is a “one way” process. Wineries fill specialized plastic bags, usually at at the same time they’re bottling. The nine litre bags, equivalent to a case of a dozen 750 ml. bottles, are shipped in pairs, in a corrugated cardboard cont...

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Earl's Restaurants include over 100 locations in Canada using TORR systems with most locations providing up to 18 wines on tap. We have been designing and maintaining wine delivery systems for the Earl's chain for over three years.

"Because there is no contamination from gases, TORR's Keg Systems consistently provide better tasting wine on tap than stainless steel keg options."

Preparation & Packing

  • Preparing Wine for the Flexcase®

    • Wine should be prepared with SO2 at 35 to 45 PPM.
    • DO in wine should be less than 1 ppm before filling.
    • TORR recommend that the wine in the supply lines be circulated back to the supply tank to ensure all O2 is scavenged from lines before production filling.
    • CO2 or N2 gas should not be introduced into wine before filling.
    • Wine should be sterile filtered with cross flow filter before filling.
  • Filling & Packing the Flexcase®

    • Select a TORR filler model that suits your production output needs.
    • The !00 filler runs at 40 cases per hour, 130 at 120 cases per hour and 140 at 180 cases per hour.
    • Production rate is dependent on pump size, flow rate to filler and the dexterity of the operators.
    • Typically a crew of 3 to 4 people are required to erect cases and shippers, fill bags and place into cases, Erect and tape shippers, place cases into shipper and shippers onto a pallet.
    • 2 to 3 people are required if returnable plastic containers are used for packing and shipping the bags.
    • TORR can provide fully automatic turnkey production lines.
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