TORR Model 145 High Production Automatic Web Fed Bag and Pouch Filler

  • Automatic filler utilizing continuous web bag source. Operator required for hand loading into boxes
  • Fills pouches/bags at up to 12 bags per minute
  • Nitrogen purge and vacuum option available
  • Tank and pump shown are optional

The TORR 145 Filler combines proven, robust and dependable mechanical design with precision automation. The bags are fed into the filler automatically from a web or perforated ribbon of bags. The bags are filled automatically while still on the web. The bag is indexed automatically into the fill chamber. The machine automatically indexes.

The Fill head un-caps, fills, purges with nitrogen and re-caps the bag. The filled bag then rolls down the out-feed conveyor. The operator can manually separate the bag and places into box by hand. Automatic bag seperator and bag into box loader systems are both available options.

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