TORR Model 150High Production Fully Automatic Bag and Pouch Filler

The 150 is a fully automatic Bag-In-Box filler designed for high volume production. Incorporating an Allen Bradley touch panel and PLC, automatic bag and pouch web feed, and separate electric and pneumatic panels the 150 is reliable and provides highly accurate fills.

The 150 Bag-In-Box filler is constructed of stainless steel and engineered plastics for long life and sanitary clean-up. Tooling is available for all caps and bags on the market. The optional fully enclosed fill head is pressurized with nitrogen and virtually eliminates O2 contamination of liquids.

The 150 filler can be designed for bag or pouch filling. For bag filling, the 150 filler has an optional bag into box loading chute that lowers into the box to ensure consistent bag loading. Optional powered conveyor that moves boxes automatically to the loader for automatic loading, or can be fitted with a bag exit slide for remote loading of bags.

For pouch filling, the 150 filler has a pouch exit slide that releases pouches for local loading or onto a conveyor belt for remote loading.

  • Fills bags or pouches
  • Optional fill head enclosure with nitrogen for low DO fills
  • Easy to use touch screen operator interface
  • Automatic feed and separation of web bags
  • Optional product buffer tank is cleaned automatically
  • Powered conveyor moves boxes automatically to bag into box loader
  • Separate electric and pneumatic panels are easily accessible & fully sealed

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