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Torr Wine Keg Systems

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Keg System Applications

  • Bars & Restaurants

    • TORR offers “blend tank to bar glass” solutions designed specifically for wine.
    • The TORR Kegs and SlimTap® dispensers have been proven over 5 years with more than 1200 taps installed in North America.
    • TORR offer kegs, flash cooled tap tower dispensers and service support. For volume purchases we offer a monthly rental rate.
    • TORR is versatile & creative – We offer modular and customized dispenser solutions to meet a restaurant or bars exact needs.
    win taps for the restaurant and bar
  • Fresh Delivery

    • The Cocktail keg system is based on the TORR wine dispense system
    • The TORR Cocktail keg system allows a bar to have a premixed cocktail or fresh juices available on tap in the bar.
      • Infusions and blends can be made in volume in the backroom.
      • Exact quantities can be measured and blended so drinks are more consistent in taste.
      • High particulate items like OJ can be added when the drink is served.
      • Mixes stay fresh for weeks.
    • The blends are mixed in the back room or kitchen area by lower cost labor and placed into 9 liter bags that are stored in plastic trays in the cooler or can be placed into TORR kegs ready to be transferred to the bar area.
    • The TORR kegs can hook up direct to a line to the tap or go into a TORR SlimTap keg dispenser. Remote location of the kegs is possible if there is no space in the bar.
    • Products can be stored for 1 to 2 weeks based on ingredients.
  • On Premise Filling

    • TORR offer the model #105 filler with a 9 liter stainless steel blend tank that is used to fill the bags that refill the kegs.
    • Batches are made in 9 liter lots in the filler tank and then filled into the bags.
    • The Filler can be mounted on a table top or cart. Filler is 36 deep x 24 wide and 40 inches high.
    • Filler needs to be rinsed and cleaned after use.
    • The filler requires NO utilities. No power or compressed air.
    • A sieve is provided on top of the tank to ensure no particles above 1/32 inch go into the mix. This ensures the dispense system is not clogged.
    • If juices like fresh orange with pulp are part of the recipe they should be added to the drink at the bar.

    TORR #105 Mix Filler
  • On Premise Storage

    Store the mix in plastic trays in the beer cool room or pack direct into kegs. Product is at correct temperature in the kegs when they go to the bar.

  • Keg’s for Coffee on Tap

    • TORR offers “Roaster to Cup” solutions designed specifically for coffee.
    • The TORR Kegs and SlimTap® dispensers have been proven for over 5 years with more than 1200 taps installed in North America to date.
    • TORR offers kegs, flash cooled tap/tower dispensers for purchase outright or monthly volume plans.
    • Versatility & Creativity – Whether a high demand restaurants or a chain of convenience stores we offer modular and customized dispenser solutions to meet your needs effectivly with a fully taylored solution.