SlimChill Glycol Cooled Dispensing systems
SlimChill self contained wine dispensers

SlimChill™ Compact, On-board Cooling

The SlimChill™ multi tap glycol cooled towers with built in air supply and cooling system and stainless steel finish.

  • Glycol temperature controlled cooling system
  • Modular for stackable configurations
  • Front side cooling
  • Elegant stainless steel design

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Compact glycol coolers for at the tap cooling.

Our team of engineers has developed a first class wine temperature technology! We offer true temperature control! Our SlimChill™ cooling units are specialized glycol powered systems that monitors the temperature of the wine with a temperature probe right at the tap! When wine is poured, we immediately adjust the wine temp through a proprietary flash chilling chamber. This new technology insures a perfectly poured glass, or carafe every time.

These units are not your typical “Wine Kegerators”. Configured for multiple lines & temperatures using a modular "stackable" design. they are elegant and simple to use, easily serviced, and perfectly temperature controlled!

TORR Bar topp wine dispenser

The SlimTap® 3up Stainless

506428 3 Tap Glycol cooled tower, Stainless finish
with built in air supply system.
TORR 2 keg wine dispenser

The SlimTap® 6up Stainless

506429 6 Tap Glycol cooled tower, Stainless finish
with built in air supply system.
TORR 4 Tap Dual Temp Cooler

The SlimTap® 4 Tap Dual Temp Cooler

503783 Tap tower, kegs, air & wine lines,
on board air supply and refrigeration.
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