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Engi-O Aseptic Fillers

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Aseptic Bag Filling & IBC Handling Solutions


Engi-O has over 20 years in the low acid aseptic bag filling industry

Engi-O fillers conform to US FDA and European CE Standards. Engi-O's Aseptic fillers utilize Double Membrane Closed Product Filling Technology. Double membrane bags available through major bag vendors.

Engi-O Systems

  • A1 – Pilot/Laboratory filler

    engi-o single head fully automatic
    • Bench top pilot plant or laboratory aseptic filling machine.
  • A3 – Single head filler

    engi-o single head fully automatic
    • Option to fill 200 L drums & auto feed bags
  • Small bag filling on an A5 bulk filler

    engi-o bulk small bag filling
    • 2-1500 Liter bags with the option and versatility to convert to a front entry small bag filling machine. It can also accept an automatic loading option for further efficiency.
  • A7 – Single head fully automatic 2 to 20 L filler

    engi-o single head fully automatic

    2-20 Liter bags, fully automatic filling machine. Webbed bags are automatically filled, separated and loaded providing an efficient process.

    • 5 to 6 – 20 liter bags per minute
    • Optional automatic bag into box loading
    • Available in twin head format
  • A6 – Automatic web feed

    engi-o automatic web feed
    • Automatic web feed bag attachment upgrades an A3 or an A5 filler to an automatic filler
  • On Premise Storage

    Store the mix in plastic trays in the beer cool room or pack direct into kegs. Product is at correct temperature in the kegs when they go to the bar.

  • A5 – Single head bin & drum filler

    engi-o drum filling
    • Available in twin head format
    • Optional table to fill 2 to 20 L
    • Custom conveyors
  • Single head A5 filling CHEP type returnable containers

    engi-o returnable container filling
    • info coming shortly.
  • Twin A5 fillers with automated IBC conveyor system

    engi-o twin conveyor filling
    • info coming shortly.
  • Food service bags, IBC & Drums on the same filler

    engi-o drum fillers

    Fill Drums & IBC on A5 filler.

    engi-o rotating head fillers

    Rotate head and fill food service bags.

    engi-o automatic bag fed fillers

    Attach A6 Bage feed module to automatically fill food service bags.

  • Info coming soon.

Closed Transfer Filling Technology

twin head bulk engi-o filler systems

"Closed Transfer Filling Technology" means that once the sterile bag with its double membrane spout engages with the filling head, the product path is never exposed to potential contamination.

Unlike conventional "Cap and Spout" technology, the bag spout stays in contact with the filling head until it is sealed closed by heat sealing the internal spout membrane.

This technology has been in use in commercial and research applications for over 30 years.

The founders of Engi-O were involved in developing the original design, which has since found success worldwide over a wide range of product applications.

The unmatched sterile integrity of the method has made it the system of choice for critical low acid food, dairy and biomedical aseptic operations as well as conventional high acid fruit juice and concentrate applications.

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Food Companies using aseptic double membrane gland filling process