TORR Model 180High Production Fully Automatic Bag and Pouch Filler

Fills Bag-in-Box (BIB)

bag in box filler

The TORR 180 is a high output twin head filler for 24/7 production. The unique double fill head assembly is designed to increase efficiency without requiring multiple bag feed sources. The filler features a single bag infeed and a single bag into box loader. The servo powered fill head is the same as is used on the TORR 145 and 150.

The automatic box indexer allows for continuous and trouble-free bag into box loading. Reliably and consistently fills 3-liter bags at up to 25 bags per minute.

  • Fill chamber nitrogen shrouds for low DO fills
  • Easy to use 10 inch touch screen operator interface
  • Automatic feed and separation of web bags before filling
  • Pressurized product balance tank is cleaned automatically
  • Powered conveyor moves boxes automatically to bag into box loader
  • Electric and pneumatic panels are easily accessible & fully sealed
  • Filler is available in a C1D2 explosion proof configurations for filling high alcohol products.

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Filler Model Comparison

Model Pouch Bag Both Purge Rate
TORR 145 (Pouch) 12-15 BPM
TORR 150 15-18 BPM
TORR 180 20-25 BPM

Patented Fill Valve

Eliminates drips and dribbles, achieves Low Dissolved Oxygen (DO) while simultaneously increasing shelf life with Nitrogen Purge and Vacuum control technology.

Servo Drives

Our servo drives allow our fillers to run accuratley and relliably around the clock in the most demanding environments.

Optional Balance Tanks and Loaders

TORR offers both balance tanks and loades for turnkey production lines.

Air Pad Oxygen Control

The air pad closes off the spout from below just prior to re-capping to minimize the amount of air entering the bag.

Touch Screen Panel View

Controls fill weights, adjust fill sequence and troubleshoot from the touch screen control panel.

Automated Bag Locking and Ejection

Bag gripper latch locks close during filling and automatically ejects the bag or pouch after fill cycle

180 in Action

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