Tanks, Pumps and Recommendations on Product Supply to Filler

(Not Recommended) Oversize or Undersize Pump

The best way to spec a pump for a filler is to slightly oversize the motor and pump and then control the motor with a variable frequency drive (VFD). Variable frequency drives allow you to vary the speed of the pump and tune in the optimum flow rate. TORR Industries can fit our fillers with a VFD drive that can be controlled through the touch screen.

Supply Tank Pumped to Buffer-Tank Equipped Filler

Pumped to buffer-tank: This supply configuration works well with longer product delivery lines. The buffer tank ensures product fill cycle speed by reducing flow requirements of pump.

Supply Tank to Filler Through Positive Displacement Pump and Filter

Pumped through filter: Positive displacement pump must be remotely controlled by filler (relay contacts turn pump on when fill valve opens and shut pump off when fill valve closes.) It is also important to set pump ramp-down to zero if controlled with a VFD drive.

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